Results & Records

New Patients

We welcome all new patients. Please call our reception team to help you find an appointment time that works best for you. Please be advised that you may wish to contact your old practice, to have your medical records transferred.

Test Results

We encourage all patients to be responsible for their own test results. If your Doctor ordered some tests, we encourage you to call us to make an appointment to review them with the doctor and discuss the next step in your health journey.


To ensure safe and accurate interpretation of test results, it is our policy that all patients should return to discuss them with the Doctor in person, or via phone consult. The Doctor will explain them to you, answer any questions you may have and print them for you if you wish. Even normal results can require some discussion to ensure accurate advice has been given and safe follow up is in place.


Please note that reception staff are not legally allowed to deliver test results over the phone as they are not medically qualified.


*You may wish to consider a phone appointment to discuss your results as a more convenient way of obtaining your results.

Contacting Your Doctor

It is often difficult for Doctors to take unscheduled calls or respond to emails during the work day.

If your call is urgent, please explain the nature of the urgency to the receptionist to ensure it is dealt with appropriately. They will take a message and pass it on to the GP.


In accordance with the Privacy Amendment Act 2012, your medical records and any other information held and collected by Mundaring Medical Centre is kept strictly confidential and used only for your health care and resulting administration. It is the policy of MMC to maintain security of personal information at all times and to ensure that the information is only available to authorised members of staff. Sharing of your medical information with other health professionals is only done upon receipt of a written request signed by the patient.

Feedback & Complaints

Mundaring Medical Centre is serious about the quality of the services we provide. If you have a complaint or suggestion about our practice, we encourage you to let us know. We would prefer that you did so in writing by addressing your email to our Practice Manager;

Records Transfers

If you are moving to a new practice, or are a new Patient you may wish to transfer your medical records. Please speak with reception staff for a Medical Records Transfer form, please be advised that a small transfer fee may apply. Incoming records should be on a DISC and in XML format for privacy reasons.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Mundaring Medical has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abusive and/or threatening behaviour.


We have a zero tolerance approach to any verbal, aggressive and violent abuse and behaviour towards our staff or other patients. This includes shouting, swearing, aggressive actions, threats, inappropriate gestures and name calling.


You will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. In return, we ask that you and anyone that you bring with you to the Practice treat our administrative and clinical staff with the same courtesy and respect.

If anyone is abusive, aggressive or violent towards our staff and/or other patients they will be required to leave the clinic and transfer their care to another practice.

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